Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#1 Potato

A friend recently found an interesting French fry, naturally shaped like a number 1. He gave it to me, figuring I would come up with something potato related. So, by adding in a waffle fry for a number symbol, and getting a nice Russet to pose, this new image was created.

It is now available as a postcard on etsy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

President Obama gets a heart-shaped potato

When President Obama was asked why he came on the David Letterman show, he replied that he wanted to see the heart-shaped potato. It may have been a spontaneous joke, and just as casual as the appearance of the heart-shaped potato on that very evening. But perhaps all this wasn't just a random occurrence. What if the woman with the heart-shaped potato was invited back just to be in the audience with that special tuber? A Presidential interview on a talk show always needs a humorous moment to lighten the mood, and a quirky thing like an unusual spud is just the type of humor the Letterman show can get behind. The heart-shaped potato was probably viewed as funny, cute, non-offensive, and appealing to all different types of people of all ages. I can just see the President's team discussing the heart-shaped potato in some secure, private office, trying to determine the ways such a spud might affect the President's image. There are people who look over everything the president does, so I'm sure this heart-shaped potato did not appear just by chance. The whole thing must have been carefully planned.
The heart-shaped potato might now become a symbol of Obama's presidency. After all, he was elected in 2008, which was declared by the United Nations as the Year of the Potato. It all is coming together. It is a new age, and Obama and potatoes will unite the world.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uber Tuber Photos at Leadway

Some potato photos are now showing at Leadway Bar. This offbeat Lincoln Square spot has a Gallery section, plus art supplies to encourage creativity. It's located not far from Uber Tuber Headquarters, at 5233 N Damen Ave.